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ลงทุน บา คา ร่า

Free, First-Time Homebuyer Workshop, Thurs. June 6 in Daly City

Find out how you can qualify to buy a home in San Mateo County with only 5% down and no PMI, through HEART of San Mateo County.

Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event, Sat. June 8th

Have garden chemicals, leftover paint, propane tanks, cleaning products or other hazardous waste? Make an appointment at our FREE event!

Free San Mateo County Financial Literacy Workshop, Tues. April 30

Join State Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA, and County Supervisor David Canepa for a 4-hour financial literacy workshop to learn more about special savings programs for retirement, college, and for people with disabilities, as well as investing basics.

Earth Day Recycling Event on Saturday, May 4

Join us for this annual event full of free services: e-waste collection, document shredding, used tire take back and a compost giveaway! Plus, environmental organizations will be attending to provide information on incentive programs.